Xepelin secures $111m to champion Latin American SMEs

Xepelin, an online platform for payment and business financial services for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Latin America, has raised $111m in Series B funding as part of its expansion plans.

As part of the round, Avenir was the lead investor, and Kaszek was the secondary funder, as well as PayPal Ventures, Wellington, DST Global, Battery Ventures, MSA Novo, Endeavor Catalyst, FJ Labs, Picus, Amarena, Gunderson, Carlos Garca Otatti, Cathay-Seaya Latam and Gilgamesh.

After the company’s Series A funding round a little more than a year ago, the round of financing announced today is the largest round of funding in the history of a Chilean startup, according to Xepelin.

There is no doubt that Xepelin is at the forefront of the digital transformation of its business by scaling up its existing payment infrastructure and by creating a regional platform for SMEs.

Xepelin said that the company was able to provide small and medium-sized businesses with real-time financial information and integrate financial services with a variety of data models, which reduced the time normally taken by the “complicated financial processes”. This allows small and medium-sized businesses to focus on running their business, rather than trying to figure out financial issues.

There has been considerable traction for Xepelin in Latin America since its inception. As of right now, the company operates in Mexico and Chile and has a team of over 450 employees spread across Latin America, who are one of the major contributors to the organization’s success.

It is Xepelin’s cofounder and co-CEO, Sebastián Kreis, who has stated that “Mexico’s strength is in its SMEs.”. It is true that SMEs constitute the majority of the country’s economic output, but they are also the employers with the highest percentage of labor force within them.

We exist at Xepelin with the mission of solving the problems that emerge in emerging markets. In order to understand the economic dynamics of this region, we believe it is important to first understand that the economic strength of its smaller companies is directly related to the region’s economic growth. Every single day, we assist them in managing their finances on a day-to-day basis.

Xepelin, a payment platform and business financial services for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Latin America, has raised $111 million in Series B funding.

The round was led by Amarena, Wellington and Picus, with the participation of PayPal, Battery, DST Global, MSA Novo, Gilgamesh, and Carlos García, among others.

This round of financing comes less than a year after the company’s Series A, making it the largest financing in the company’s history.

Xeptalin said it is leading the business digital transformation by scaling the existing payment infrastructure and creating a platform for SMEs at a regional level.

The company provides small and medium-sized companies with real time financial information. This company says that it helps to make things easier for small and medium-sized businesses because it makes the complicated financial processes they have to deal with easier to understand.

Xepelin has been a huge hit in Latin America since it’s inception.

The company currently maintains operations in Mexico and Chile and has more than 450 employees spread throughout Latin America, who boost the company’s impact with their talent.

1.Mexico’s strength is in its small and medium-sized businesses. With over $500 billion in annual exports, they are an economic powerhouse that have been growing by

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Businesses in the region should grow economically if they want to continue to thrive and provide jobs for the citizens.

We work daily to help them cope with day-to-day financial tasks.

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