How To Change Your Username On Roblox – All Devices

It is common for people who register an account on Roblox to not take much time to come up with a username. Others are too excited to start creating or playing games to care, and some just do it to test things out.

Knowing how to change your Roblox username is a handy skill. When your old one doesn’t cut it anymore for whatever reason. The following steps will guide you through the process, regardless of the platform you’re using.

How to Change Your Username on Roblox on a Windows or Mac PC

The process of changing your username on a computer is the same regardless of whether you are using Windows or macOS. As your username is tied to your account, you can only change it on the Roblox website. As long as you can open the Roblox website, it doesn’t really matter which browser you use. You can change your username by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Roblox account on the Roblox website.
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of your browser screen. The Settings menu will appear.
  3. Select Settings from the menu.
  4. You need to be in the Account Info tab. Click on Account Info in the left menu if you don’t see it. To the right of your username, click the edit icon.
  5. Enter your new desired username and Roblox password in the window that appears.
  6. You will have to pay 1,000 Robux to change your username. Click Buy if you have the required funds. It should now be possible for you to change your username. This window can now be closed.

How to Change Your Username on Roblox on an Android Device

Roblox mobile’s instructions for changing your username are similar. Platforms aren’t really involved in account registration, so the process is very similar. You can change your username on an Android device by following these steps:

  1. You will need to open the Roblox App on your phone.

  2. You need to log in to your account.

  3. On your screen, tap the Settings icon in the bottom right corner. A circle surrounded by three dots represents the icon.

  4. You can find Settings by scrolling down the menu. A large gear would be its symbol. Click on it.

  5. Tap Account Info from the resulting menus.

  6. To the right of your username, click the edit icon.

  7. You will need to enter your Roblox password after you enter your new desired username.

  8. For the PC version, you will need to pay 1,000 Robux to change your name. Tap on Buy if the amount is available.

  9. You should now have a new username. This screen can be navigated out of.

How to Change Your Username on Roblox on an iPhone

Both iPhones and Androids can play Roblox on their mobile devices. You can also change your username in the same way. Follow the instructions as described above for the Android version of the app to change your username.

How to Change Your User Name on Roblox on an Xbox One

If you use the console version of Roblox, you’ll also need to access your account to change your username. With only minor differences, the process is similar to that of the other platforms. Below are the steps:

  1. You can open the Roblox app on your Xbox by clicking here.
  2. If you haven’t logged in yet, please do so now. When you start up the program, you will see two buttons. You can sign in with your Gamertag or your username. If you’re using your Xbox Gamertag as your name, you’ll need to change the Gamertag if you wish to change your username. Not through Roblox, but through the Microsoft website. You will need your username and password to sign in.
  3. You will need to open the Settings window. You can do this by moving your cursor to the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Select Settings and click it.
  5. Information about opening an account.
  6. The edit icon is located to the right of your current username.
  7. Then enter your Roblox password and your new preferred username.
  8. A name-change costs 1,000 Robux. Click Buy if you have that much available and want to continue.
  9. You should change your username. This screen can now be navigated away from.

How to Change Your User Name on Roblox on a PS4

Similar to the Xbox version, you can change your Roblox username on the PS4 by opening the app or by using the website. A built-in web browser is available on the PlayStation 4. Alternatively, you can use the web browser by opening it and typing in Roblox. As mentioned above, follow the instructions for the PC version.

Follow the Xbox instructions if you’d rather use the application. Similar steps are involved.

Changing Your Roblox Email Address for All Platforms

These instructions can be followed if you wish to change your email address instead of your username.

  1. To access your Account Information, follow the instructions above for your platform.
  2. Rather than clicking or tapping on the edit button next to your username, tap or click on Update email.
  3. Enter your Roblox password and new email address in the window that appears.
  4. Tap or click on Update Email.
  5. You will receive a confirmation message at the email address you entered. Follow the instructions in that message.
  6. As soon as you confirm your new email address, it should now be set as your default email address.

Additional FAQs

The following are some frequently asked questions about changing Roblox usernames.

Are there any limitations or restrictions associated with renaming my user in Roblox?

As far as the developers of Roblox are concerned, there are no obvious restrictions on name changes. You could argue that the payment requirement is a restriction in and of itself. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when changing your username:

1. All of your old forum posts will still be available, but older posts will remain under your old username. You will still be credited with your total post count with your new username.

2. If you change your username, your account creation date won’t be reset. Veteran status will remain with those who have achieved it.

3. People who know you by your old username will still be able to find you. Your username is locked to you, so you will still be connected to it even after changing it.

4. The 1,000 Robux will have to be changed again if you revert to an old username.

5. New usernames are subject to the following naming restrictions:

a. Inappropriate words and phrases shouldn’t be used in usernames.

b. Copyrighted brands and names shouldn’t be used in usernames.

c. There can’t be all numbers in usernames.

d. Spaces are not allowed in usernames.

e. There can only be one underscore per line.

f. A username cannot begin or end with an underscore.

g. No more than 20 characters.

h. At least three characters are required.

i. It is not allowed to have duplicate usernames. The system will ask you to try again if you enter a name that is already taken.

j. Special characters are not allowed.

k. All usernames remain associated with players, including banned players, so banned names cannot be re-used.

l. An account registered or owned by someone under 13 years of age must not contain any identifying information.

m. Old usernames of other accounts are locked and unavailable.

n. You can’t use the name Robloxian followed by numbers unless you’re using the mobile version.

6. On your Profile or Account Settings page, you can find a list of all your past names if you’ve changed your username.

How often can my user name be changed in Roblox?

Since name changes are a paid service, you can change your username as often as you like. You can change your name as often as you like as long as you have enough Robux. However, other users may still be able to find your new username by searching an old one.

A Steep Cost

If you ever need to change your Roblox username for any reason, knowing how to do so will be very useful. Even though it’s only a simple name change, having the option available is good if you think it’s worth it.

What is your current Roblox username? Have you ever changed it? Is there another way to edit it? Did you have any problems editing it? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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