How To Check If Your Nintendo Switch Serial Number Is Moddable

Modifying your Switch is the only way to run custom software (most commonly emulators) and older Nintendo games. The process isn’t easy, however. While some Switch consoles can be modded, doing so comes with risks that you should be aware of.

If you want to mod your Nintendo Switch, this article discusses whether or not you should do so. Now let’s get started.

Nintendo’s Take on Mods and Copyright Content

It is Nintendo’s policy to restrict what its users can do with its consoles and games. Modifying your Switch device will void the warranty and Nintendo will refuse to service it. When using the console, you may also be banned from online use. A lawsuit may even be filed against you.

In the gaming industry, Nintendo has a history of being more persistent about intellectual property and copyright infringement. They go after everyone who unlawfully distributes or offers hacked consoles, as well as games through mods, hacks, or ROMs, no matter how old the game is. People have also been sued for selling old modded consoles. The statement isn’t biased; it’s just the truth.

Example References:

(Free Roms via download site) Nintendo of America vs.

MIKEL EUSKALDUNAK and DOES 1-100 (modded consoles sold on OfferUp) vs Nintendo of America

Gary Bowser vs. Nintendo of America (Trafficking of unauthorized hacking OS and circumvention devices)

You also run the risk of bricking your Switch if you make any modifications to the OS. The only solution is to buy a new console if your Switch has been modded or shows any attempts at mods.

Before you mod your Nintendo Switch, make sure you think it over because there’s usually no going back. Read on if you think the risks are worth taking.

Can My Nintendo Switch Be Modded?

Modding is not possible on all Nintendo Switch consoles. A specific vulnerability in Fusée Gelée software allows the mod, or hack, to work. Someone disclosed the vulnerability to Nintendo, which fixed it for later console releases. An unpatched device can be modded. If not, you won’t be able to mod your console.

You can check if your device has been patched in several ways. Comparing serial numbers of patched and unpatched Nintendo Switch consoles is the simplest method.

How to Check if Your Nintendo Switch is Moddable

  1. Your device’s “Serial Number” can be found on the underside. There is a barcode on the sticker with this number.
  2. Go to “System -> Serial Information” on your Switch if the sticker isn’t there.
  3. For Serial Numbers beginning in XAW1:
    Unpatched serials between XAW10000000000 and XAW10074000000 can be modified.
    Serials between XAW10074000000 and XAW10120000000 may be patched.
    Serials from XAW10120000000 and up are patched and not moddable.
  4. For Serial Numbers beginning in XAW4:
    Unpatched serials between XAW40000000000 and XAW40011000000 are moddable.
    Serial numbers between XAW40011000000 and XAW40012000000 may be patched.
    Serials from XAW40012000000 and up are patched and can’t be modded.
  5. For Serial Numbers beginning in XAW7:
    Serials between XAW70000000000 and XAW70017800000 are unpatched and moddable.
    Serial numbers between XAW70017800000 and XAW70030000000 may be patched.
    Serials from XAW70030000000 and up are patched and can’t be modded.
  6. For Serial Numbers beginning in XAJ1:
    Serials between XAJ10000000000 and XAJ10020000000 are unpatched and moddable.
    Serials between XAJ10020000000 and XAJ10030000000 may be patched.
    Serials from XAJ10030000000 and up are patched and can’t be modded.
  7. For Serial Numbers beginning in XAJ4:
    Serials between XAJ40000000000 and XAJ40046000000 are unpatched and moddable.
    Serials between XAJ40046000000 and XAJ40060000000 may be patched.
    Serials from XAJ40060000000 and up are patched and can’t be modded.
  8. For Serial Numbers beginning in XAJ7:
    Serials between XAJ70000000000 and XAJ70040000000 are unpatched and moddable.
    Serials between XAJ70040000000 and XAJ70050000000 may be patched.
    From XAJ70050000000 and up, serials cannot be modded.
  9. For serials beginning in XKW1, XKJ1, XJW1, and XWW1:
    These consoles are all patched and cannot be modded.

It’s highly likely that modding won’t work on patched devices. You may be able to modify it, but the patch usually closes the vulnerability.

SSNC serial number checker tool or “” serial number checker are useful if you don’t like looking at lists or are at a second-hand store.

How to Mod a Qualifying Nintendo Switch

Unpatched Nintendo Switches can be modified in several ways depending on their firmware. To find the firmware version of your device, go to System Settings, tap on System, and scroll down to Update Version.

Unpatched Switch consoles can be modded using the Recovery Mode or RCM method. Nereba can also be used to mod consoles with firmware version 1.0.0, and Caffeine can be used to patch consoles with firmware versions 2.0.0 to 4.1.0.

You can find step-by-step instructions for performing the mod by searching on Google for Switch mod RCM, Nereba, or Caffeine. Before you proceed with the mod on your Switch, you should read the directions carefully and perhaps several times.

Future versions of these modding tools may crack the patch, so if you want to wait, do not update your Switch beyond 7.0.1. After this, you will not be able to tamper with the code of the console.

As a result of modding, your Switch can now access a wider range of games and applications that were previously unavailable. Similarly to jailbreaking or rooting mobile devices, modding your Switch allows you to do things it was never intended to do. The decision is weighty and comes with both pros and cons. In most cases, Android is open source and modifiable, but Nintendo Switch is not. Modify at your own risk.

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