How To Find Your Liked Videos On TikTok

It’s hard to keep track of all the videos you’ve liked on TikTok because there are so many. You can easily find all the TikTok videos you’ve liked with a quick and easy search.

Learn everything you need to know about finding liked videos on TikTok in this article.

How to See Your Liked Videos on TikTok

Analyzing your videos and seeing which ones did well and which ones could be improved is always helpful. Here’s how to see how many likes your videos have received in the past:

  1. In the upper right-hand corner of TikTok, click the Profile icon.

  2. Look at the heart symbol on the right-hand side of the video you’ve posted to see how many people have liked it.

The popularity of each video can now be reviewed. Check out how to create and upload videos to TikTok if you want to become TikTok famous.

How to See Which Videos You Liked on TikTok

You can also see which videos you’ve liked!

  1. Under the Edit profile button on the profile page, you will see four options. The heart icon with a line through it can be clicked.

This will show you a list of all the videos you’ve liked from other creators.

How to Like a Video/Follow a Creator on TikTok

The process of liking videos and following creators is very simple. You can like or follow a video by:

  1. You can like the video by clicking the Heart icon.
  2. You can follow a creator by selecting the + icon.

I think that’s all there is to it. Your For You page will display the video, and your Following page will display the creator.

How to Dislike a Video on TikTok

In the event that you accidentally like something or decide halfway through that you’d like to retract the interaction, you can always unlike the video.

  1. You can unlike a video by tapping the Heart icon again.
  2. Follow the steps above and navigate to your Liked Videos folder if you can’t find the video on your For You page. After that, unlike it.

To unlike a video and train TikTok’s algorithm to suppress similar videos, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your For You page.
  2. You can remove a video by long pressing on it and selecting Not interested in the popup menu.

How to View Videos from Creators You Follow

You follow a creator on TikTok if you want to see their content whenever they post it. If you follow multiple prolific and talented creators, you will always have a steady stream of quality content available when you open the app.

  1. You can scroll through all of the videos on the Following page.

Find Videos to Like on TikTok

TikTok starts out playing random videos for you, but you’ll quickly establish your own taste, and the app will start showing you things you’re likely to enjoy. As you spend more time on the app and like more videos, TikTok learns what types of videos you like. Additionally, you can use the search function to find content tailored to your tastes.

You can search on trending hashtags on the Discover page, which works similarly to hashtags on other social media sites. TikTok collects data and activity levels for hashtags and displays them right on the Discover page. To see what other people like, you can search for hashtags directly or scroll through the top hashtags.

Also, you can search using creator names, ideas, and song titles – the usual search terms. You might occasionally see random videos that have nothing to do with your search term, but the algorithm is relatively accurate. It’s all part of the fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more answers to your frequently asked questions about TikTok in this section.

How do I find out if someone has liked my videos?

You can check whether a video has likes in two ways.

Tap the Inbox icon at the bottom of the TikTok For You page.

Notifications, including video likes and comments, will appear here. Notifications are categorized chronologically in the notifications section. The likes should appear at the top of your notifications if you just posted a video. The date you posted the video can be found if it’s an older video.

The next step is to tap on the video you’re interested in by clicking on the Profile icon at the bottom of the TikTok interface. The like button will have a number next to it on the right. Here is the number of likes for the video.

How do I find out how many views my video has?

It’s really easy to find out how many views a video has, and you don’t even need to be verified.

The Profile icon can be found by clicking on it. The thumbnail of each of your videos will have a number.

Your TikTok video’s views are represented by this number.

Can I tell who liked my content?

Tap on the Likes icon at the bottom of TikTok’s interface to see the likes for the video.

Your content will be listed here according to how it was liked by TikTok users.

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