Do AirTags Work With Android Phones?

AirTags work with an app on your phone that lets you read the tags from up to 12 inches away. Apple iOS and AirTag cannot be paired together, but once the AirTag is lost or stolen, it will let you see your missing phone via Siri if your iOS device was recently near your missing AirTag.

If you find a defective item, follow the instructions here. The top reasons why someone might want to purchase an AirTag tracking device is that it could replace Tile, and Tile is a little too expensive.

Do AirTags Work With Android Phones?
Do AirTags Work With Android Phones?

Do AirTags Work With Android Phones?

Yes, they do. You can use your NFC-capable Android smartphone to read AirTags, if you should come across one and the owner has placed it into “Lost Mode.” To help reunite the item with its owner, follow these steps:

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Can I Pair My AirTags With My Android?

Fortunately, AirTags are not currently designed to work with Android devices for tracking items.

Lost Mode and NFC-Enabled Phones

A lost AirTag can be identified by any NFC-enabled iPhone or Android device when the owner has put the AirTag into “Lost Mode.” When someone with an NFC-enabled device brings it close to the AirTag, the owner’s name, location, and contact info are displayed to the user.

AirTags vs. Tile

We’ll look at the features and benefits of each tracker, and how each works best for you.


The Tile tag is a great product that will soon join the Apple AirTag as a tracking device option.It is a must-have app for anyone who likes to use their iPhone as their key to unlocking new possibilities. The AirTag is priced at $29 or $99 for a pack of four.

AirTag Pros

It’s not only powerful enough to help us locate where we lost something, but also helps in cases where we misplace the items we’ve purchased. Tile’s new Precision Finder can help you find items you left behind even when you’re not exactly sure where they are. The AirTag allows you to keep track of your dog’s location. Use it to know how far away from you your dog is. Pairing your mobile device with AirTag is simple and easy to use.

It’s easy to set up, you can use it with your existing AppleID. The Find my tag feature on the mobile app allows you to see your items tagged with the app on a map. You can use it to send that item to someone else, or you can find its location on the map. It’s integrated with Alexa. With Alexa, you can ask where an item is, and Siri can act as your shortcut.

It comes with an easily replaceable battery that will last approximately one year.

AirTag Cons

With the launch of the new AirTag today, it will be the first to provide more than It’s perfect for beginners who want to make their own accessories or want to start selling In order to secure it to your items, you’ll need to make another purchase.


Tile is an app that allows users to discover, track and share items they have lost or left behind. You can pick up a Tile tracker for $24, or a discount on multiple packs.

Tile Pros

Tile is an app that lets you set up to four tiles of any kind, and is compatible with all mobile operating systems. Laptops and other electronics sometimes come with a Tile built-in. Choose from four styles of sticker that are easy to apply right away.

You can pair a Tile with any Android or iOS device using Bluetooth technology. It makes it easy to find your phone when you’re out and about, and you can even use it as a replacement phone if yours gets lost or stolen.

If you don’t already have Tile, we recommend you try it. Starting at $29.99, the Tile Premium service includes notifications when you leave your stuff behind, as well as battery replacement reminders.

Tile Cons

Setup is done via the app. Though simple, it’s not integrated with the device’s base software like “Find My.” Tile can connect to other devices on the Tile network by pinpointing a location to your tracker; however, the Tile network is smaller and depends on Tile devices or those using the app.

AirTag vs. Tile Privacy

Privacy is a significant concern when using tracking devices. You should always keep an eye out for someone tracking your movements using a tracking device, such as a tracker in a phone, GPS in a cellphone, etc. Unlike Tile, Apple is doing more to make sure the location data that comes from iPhones and iPads is being used correctly.

An AirTag is only owned by its owner and linked to their AppleID; it cannot be activated on another person’s behalf. Your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will alert you if your unknown AirTag is not paired. An AirTag is a device that alerts people to an object’s presence, but only if the object has been separated from the AirTag for a while and is being moved to a different location.

Which One Would Be a Better Fit?

The only thing that these two items have in common is that they’re both great at promptly finding misplaced items. The iQ System Airtag is a cool looking device loaded with privacy features. Tile is slightly cheaper and comes equipped with a keychain to attach to your items. It is worth thinking about the devices you already use. Tile is designed to track things using smart phones. iOS users need an AirTag since it works better with their phones.


Can AirTags work with Android phones?

Yes, AirTags works with Android phones.

Does AirTags work with iPhones?

No, AirTags does not work with iPhones.

How do I know which AirTags work with my phone?

You can check the AirTags website to find out which AirTags work with your phone.

How do I get an AirTag?

To get an AirTag, you can visit the AirTags website.

How do I put the AirTag on my phone?

To put the AirTag on your phone, you can follow the instructions on the website.

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